Creative and daring ways
Our know-how
GIM-labs know-how is based on nearly 20 years of research and development on geophysical numerical methods and data processing algorithms. This know-how is strong in the following domains:
  • Seismic elasticity (S-waves, P-S-P, caracterisation from Vs/Vp)
  • Seismic anisotropy (VTI, HTI, TTI)
  • Seismic attenuation (viscoelasticity, compressive and shear Q factors)
  • Inverse problems for geophysics (including joint or simultaneous inversion), posterior resolution analysis and reliability estimation
  • Numerical modeling of the seismic equation (full-wave) for media with complex rheologies: isotropic or anisotropic media (HTI and VTI in 2D, 2.5D and 3D), isotropic and anisotropic visco-elastic media
  • Traveltime tomography using optimization inversion methods with a multiscale approach and a generalized least square criterion (applied on well seismic, boreholes, surface seismic)
  • Multi-parameter and multi-scale full-wave inversion of the complete waveform of seismic data for heterogeneous media with complex rheologies (applied on well seismic, boreholes, surface seismic)
  • Seismic data processing and more generally, geophysical data processing, geostatistics