Creative and daring ways
Our services are tailor-made for our clients. Our proposals are customized and methods are adapted to solve their geoproblems.

Geophysical studies
  • Near surface characterization (seismic and other geophysical data, constrained and joint inversion)
  • Velocity model estimation (seismic traveltime for TTI anisotropic media)
  • Passive seismic (estimation of P&S velocity fields and seisms or mircroseismic events localization)
  • Wavefield analysis & acquisition geometry design (seismic full-wave modeling for heterogeneous media with complex rheology)
  • Imaging and characterization of rock properties
  • Seismic monitoring (4D analysis for gas, heavy oil, CO2, using traveltime or full-wave)
  • Risk mitigation (heavy oil, pore pressure prediction)
Methodology and feasibility studies

Bibliographical studies (numerical methods, geophysics, rock physics)

Scientific software (specification, design, development or maintenance)